Want to Establish Your Tech Startup in Spain? Register with Rising UP in Spain Today & Operate from the Gateway to Europe, Latin America & North Africa!

Want to Establish Your Tech Startup in Spain? Register with Rising UP in Spain Today & Operate from the Gateway to Europe, Latin America & North Africa!

Rising UP in Spain supports the establishment of foreign startups in Spain and facilitates their landing in the local ecosystem. Discover how Spain became one of Europe’s leading centers of technology and innovation!

Up to 50 startups will have the opportunity to sign collaboration agreements with local partners of the Program.

Since it was launched in 2016, the Rising UP in Spain program has been a great success, both for the number of foreign entrepreneurs interested in participating and for the quality of its projects. More than 1,400 foreign startups from around 90 different countries applied during the first five calls – 70 of which were supported to set up business in Spain!

Discover the unique Rising UP in Spain Offer & Register Now!

Rising UP in Spain opens a door to a vibrant innovation ecosystem that facilitates foreign companies to easily find the right partners in Spain, in addition to accessing high-quality talent and IT developers. Your business also receives access to investors and unique collaboration opportunities with corporates.

Startups will propose technology solutions to local partners in Spain. Simultaneously, they will participate in a comprehensive acceleration program while they set up in Spain. Local partners will host foreign startups while they work jointly towards applying an innovative solution to their business.

What do YOU get from the Rising UP in Spain program?

  • Acceleration Program to set up business in Spain
  • Working hand-in-glove with a Local Partner in Spain
  • Free Working Space for at least six months
  • Networking with Key Industry & Corporate Players
  • Access to the Spanish Entrepreneur Visa

Join a Diverse & Growing Community of International Entrepreneurs – Registration ends on 15 June 2022!

The last edition of Rising UP in Spain took place against the backdrop of COVID-19, requiring startups and entrepreneurs to quickly adapt to the circumstances. The winning companies came from 10 different countries.

Explore the diverse solutions and businesses that Rising UP in Spain helped establish in Spain in 2021:

  • Israel-based Eco Wave Power develops renewable energy generation technology using sea waves via floaters installed alongside piers, ports, and marinas.
  • Swiss company RigiTech offers drone technology applied to delivery services and offers a novel approach to healthcare, emergency services, and last-mile for e-commerce.
  • M3storage from Chile provides a renting platform that centers on unused space in shopping malls and incorporates technology for automated management of the space, including pick-up and delivery options as a last-mile solution for retailers.
  • UK-based agritech company CO2I LTD (DRYGRO) is developing technology for large-scale farming of alternative animal feed protein from duckweed on arid land.
  • Based out of Ukraine and the US, ActiveChat builds a natural language training tool for chatbots and virtual assistants.
  • Argentine startup Worknmates offers a collaborative marketplace that allows companies and individuals to easily offer or find, as well as rent, available office space.
  • Opscientia operates from the US and Singapore and develops a concept project called “Sovereign Citizen” to provide global citizens with a data wallet and user-friendly interface to control the terms and monetization of their data by corporations, institutions, and governments.
  • Edtech company from the Netherlands, Cloudwise, is the developer of COOL, a free digital classroom tool for Google or Microsoft 365. It serves as a single sign-in hub for edu apps, managing the classroom, and organizing schoolwork.

Ready to Join The Growing Spanish Innovation Ecosystem?

This is an excellent time for the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Spain, which is not going unnoticed by entrepreneurs from around the world. Spain’s rapid growth and record investment figures in the last three years have meant that it currently represents an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who wish to develop their technology businesses in the country.

Because Spain acts as a gateway into the European, Latin American, and North African markets, it gives you the opportunity to access a market of more than 500 million people. Additionally, the technology infrastructure is another competitive advantage that startups that establish themselves in Spain currently benefit from.

Looking to scale or settle your business in Spain? Explore the Rising UP in Spain services in more detail and apply by 15 June 2022!


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