US theaters will sell $3 movie tickets on September 3rd

US theaters will sell $3 movie tickets on September 3rd

For all the conveniences of streaming, there’s still something to be said about venturing out to see a film at a movie theater. Sure, there isn’t an endless amount of choice, and you can’t pause when something else requires your attention but seeing a compelling film on the silver screen is its own treat.

On September 3rd, US cinemas will make it more affordable to enjoy that experience. As part of a newly announced National Cinema Day, more than 3,000 theaters across the US, including chains like AMC, will offer discounted $3 tickets. With all major film studios and more than 30,000 screens involved, there’s a good chance a theater near you is participating.  

“After this summer’s record-breaking return to cinemas, we wanted to do something to celebrate moviegoing,” said Cinema Foundation president Jackie Brenneman. “We’re doing it by offering a ‘thank you’ to the moviegoers that made this summer happen, and by offering an extra enticement for those who haven’t made it back yet.”

While people are returning to theaters to see films like Dune and Top Gun: Maverick, the promotion comes at a time when the industry is still dealing with the aftermath of COVID-19. The pandemic saw movie studios like Universal significantly shorten theatrical windows, and many chains, including Regal Cinemas, struggled to stay open amid strict lockdown measures in the US and other parts of the world.

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