Scale Your Net Zero Concrete Solution with GCCA Innovandi Open Challenge 2023

Scale Your Net Zero Concrete Solution with GCCA Innovandi Open Challenge 2023

The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) represents the global cement and concrete industry, which is responsible for producing the most used man-made substance on earth. GCCA advocates for transforming concrete into a sustainable, long-lasting, and robust building material to meet the increasing demands of the exponentially expanding urban population. In 2021, it launched the industry roadmap to net zero, outlining the levers and pathways to providing the world with net zero concrete. The GCCA Innovandi Open Challenge 2023 is a unique global accelerator that aims to bring together technology startups and the leading cement and concrete companies worldwide to accelerate the development of innovative solutions to achieve net zero, as set out in its roadmap.

Recognizing the critical role of innovation in creating a sustainable future, GCCA and its members, who are global leaders in the cement and concrete industry, are committed to expanding their innovation ecosystem and collaborating with external partners to achieve their net zero mission.

What’s in Store for You if You Apply for the GCCA Innovandi Open Challenge 2023?

Through the Innovandi Open Challenge, GCCA seeks to fast-track the development and adoption of technologies that support the transition towards a net zero future. Apply today to collaborate with GCCA and make that happen! Selected startups will gain unique access to:

  • Support to move from ideas to pilot tests, proof of concepts, prototypes, and business cases.
  • Extensive plants, labs, and research facilities.
  • Expertise and infrastructure of 40 members worldwide to showcase innovation.
  • Guidance from the GCCA and its industrial members of nominated lead experts to help the startups progress in the industrialization of their technology.
  • Develop new technologies and/or define new business cases with one or several industrial members.
  • Members of the GCCA manage the project with each selected startup and offer resources, support, and coaching to co-develop the business.
  • High visibility in the cement and concrete sector, as well as equipment manufacturers, broader value chain players, investors, and wider stakeholders.

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Building on a Successful Track Record

The GCCA and its members account for 80% of global cement production capacity. Member companies are committed to reducing and ultimately eliminating CO2 emissions in concrete (which currently account for around 7% of global emissions), through the implementation of the GCCA’s Concrete Future 2050 Net Zero Roadmap – the first ‘heavy’ industry to set out such a detailed plan.

The launch follows the success of last year’s first-ever Innovandi Open Challenge, which saw cement companies partnering with six startups, with a strong focus on carbon capture and utilization projects. Three of those projects have already gone to the pilot stage!

Claude Loréa, GCCA Cement Director and Innovation Lead says, “We’ve already seen some remarkable progress from those startups who’ve been working with our members on the first Innovandi Open Challenge, with several projects already in the pilot stage. This year’s theme, low-carbon concrete, is equally challenging. To succeed, we need products that are affordable, scalable, and easily adopted. Good luck to all this year’s applicants. We look forward to working with those selected.”

GCCA Innovandi Open Challenge 2023

Are You a Good Fit to Apply for The GCCA Open Innovation Challenge?

GCCA is looking for startups working on new materials or ingredients for low-carbon concrete. This includes innovative admixtures, SCMs, clinkers, aggregates, etc. It should be ready-to-use and a direct ingredient to concrete. Other judging criteria are as follows:

  • How Innovative and unique is the solution?
    • Performance comparable to traditional concrete
    • Lower carbon footprint than traditional concrete
    • Environmental / sustainability assessment
  • Is the technology to produce Low Carbon Concrete?
    • Is it water intensive?
    • Is it energy intensive?
    • Any waste heat utilization requirement?
    • Any other prerequisites for the process?

Please also note, GCCA is NOT looking for:

  • Alternate fuels or low-carbon fuels
  • Carbon capture, utilization, and storage technologies
  • Process or method for producing low-carbon concrete

Structure & Timeline of the Open Innovation Challenge

After rigorous evaluation of all the entries, GCCA will announce the shortlisted startups. They will be invited to pitch in front of the GCCA members. Successful startups will get to partner with GCCA members to form consortia and enter into formal working partnerships.

  • Application Deadline — 15th May 2023
  • Announcement of Final Shortlist — 30th May 2023
  • Pitch Day — 30th June 2023
  • Consortium Agreement Meetings — 1st to 15th September 2023
  • Demo Day (Showcasing the Results of the Consortia) — April 2024

Apply for the GCCA Innovandi Open Challenge 2023 in a Few Easy Steps

Are you a good fit for the challenge and ready to expand your business? Great! Wait no further and send all your entries to by 15th May 2023 including the following details to apply for the challenge:

  • Name of your startup:
  • Describe your innovation (100-150 words):
  • Name of applicant and designation:
  • Year of incorporation:
  • Location:
  • Stage of your startup (Proof-of-concept/ Pilot / Prototype/ commercial):
  • What is the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of your technology? (1 being in the research phase and 9 being ready to launch a commercial product):
  • Do you already have customers? (Yes/No)

Join hands with GCCA to decarbonize the cement and concrete industry while also gaining a chance to enable your startup to reach new heights. Visit GCCA’s application page and apply right away! 


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