Scale Your Nature-inclusive Solutions for Offshore Wind Farms with the Iberdrola Global Startup Challenge

Scale Your Nature-inclusive Solutions for Offshore Wind Farms with the Iberdrola Global Startup Challenge

True to its reputation as a leader in sustainable innovation, Iberdrola is back with another startup challenge! The Iberdrola Nature-inclusive Solutions for Offshore Wind Farms Startup Challenge is looking for startups working to deliver a net-positive impact on biodiversity – specifically for the ocean ecosystem.

The preservation of the planet and the well-being of people are priorities for Iberdrola. This principle also determines its entire business strategy and its business model. Therefore, in a scenario characterized by strong growth in global energy demand, Iberdrola is working to build a new energy model with nature and human beings at the center of sustainable development.

Learn How Your Solution Helps Iberdrola Protect Marine Ecosystems

Iberdrola is committed to integrating biodiversity conservation into decision-making, minimizing problems, and establishing programs to reverse and offset the negative impacts of energy infrastructure. Moreover, the significant expansion of its offshore wind pipeline puts Iberdrola in an optimal position when participating in auctions and tenders planned for the coming months. This impacts its new growth platforms for both projects in its existing pipeline and for new pipelines.

In this context, through its International Startup Program – PERSEO, Iberdrola invites high-quality innovative proposals that seek to develop, test, or monitor nature-inclusive solutions that could be implemented in an offshore wind farm environment. Your solutions could fall under one of these focus areas:

  • Scour Protection Solutions for Subsea Infrastructure & Cables, for example – the use of sustainable materials, tailored design that promotes marine biodiversity, seaweed planting, etc.
  • Modifications to Foundation Design to include spaces for nature – such as seal haul-out platforms, artificial reef structures, shellfish cages & more.
  • Reduction of Collision Risk from Wind Turbine Generators.
  • Blue Carbon Capture initiatives that promote ecosystem growth and healthy marine habitats alongside offshore wind developments.
  • Sensing & Monitoring Techniques and Equipment that allow tracking changes in the biodiversity and environment.

However, Iberdrola is open to all your ideas! If you believe your solution addresses the overall goals of the challenge, do not hesitate to apply!

Explore Your Benefits of Collaborating with Iberdrola

Iberdrola is no stranger to working with startups and emerging companies. Over the last two years, Iberdrola has launched over 18 Global Startup Challenges to address pressing issues in today’s energy networks. Your benefits include:

  • Collaboration Agreement & Pilot Test: The prize for the winner consists of a collaboration and test agreement with PERSEO or any other Iberdrola group company. The group will support the cost of the pilot activities.
  • Access-all-Areas: Iberdrola will provide the winner with all necessary technical support, as well as a site and real data to test the solution. This includes access to equipment, teams, infrastructure, high technology sites, and shared work areas.
  • Scale Your Technology: If the pilot test is satisfactory, Iberdrola may offer the winner the opportunity to scale up the solution by adapting it through commercial agreements.
  • Investment: What’s more, PERSEO will consider investing in the participating company and/or the winner of the challenge.

Ready to Scale Your Solutions to Protect Ocean Ecosystems?

While evaluating your proposals, Iberdrola will consider the following value propositions, among others:

  • The maturity, reliability, and durability of the solution
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • Investment and operational costs
  • Scalability of the solution for this and other applications in the electricity sector

Your proposals will be evaluated by experts from Iberdrola’s Generation group.

Timeline of the Challenge

Deadline for Application Submission: 30 September 2022

  • Proposals evaluation: October-December 2022
  • Pilot Project Commencement: 2023

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to advance sustainable innovation!

Join Iberdrola in its mission to build nature-inclusive designs and solutions to protect the ocean ecosystem. Click here to apply!


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