Scale Your Deep Tech Solution with the Pan-European EIT Digital Challenge 2023

Scale Your Deep Tech Solution with the Pan-European EIT Digital Challenge 2023

EIT Digital Challenge, one of Europe’s best deep tech innovation competitions, is back with its tenth edition. If you are a deep tech scaleup, apply here for a chance to win free admission into the EIT Digital Accelerator.

The EIT Digital Accelerator provides tailor-made support for high-growth European deep tech scaleups by helping them raise capital and secure international customers — thanks to a pan-European, distributed team of business developers and fundraising experts. Since 2012, the EIT Digital Accelerator has supported startups and scaleups from 20 countries that have raised over 900+ million Euros in investment.

Scale Your Deep Tech Solution with EIT Digital Challenge 2023

Explore the Benefits of the Challenge

Since its launch in 2014, the EIT Digital Challenge has attracted more than 1.800 entries. Most of the winning scaleups have gone on to become internationally successful companies. And you could be next! Check out the attractive benefits of the EIT Digital Challenge:

  • Up to 10 winning companies will receive a full year of tailored international growth support worth €50,000 by the EIT Digital Accelerator to scale up their business.
  • Raise your next Series A or B round from international investors with the support of an experienced Access to Finance team.
  • Get coached on your market readiness and go-to-market strategy to support your international ambitions.
  • Leverage EIT Digital’s 300+ Pan-European network of top European corporations, investors, SMEs, universities, and research institutions.
  • Gain international visibility through EIT Digital communication channels.
  • Challenge Finalists will be invited to a Pitch Competition in June which coincides with the EIT Grow Digital conference.
  • Network with dozens of deep tech startups, scaleups, VCs, and Corporates.

Discover What’s new in 2023 with Fabrizio Della Pace, EIT Digital’s Challenges Lead

We spoke to Fabrizio Della Pace, EIT Digital’s Challenges Lead to learn more about the Challenge.

How is this year’s challenge different from previous editions? Anything new or exciting for the participants?

There are two big changes to this year’s version of the Challenge. First of all, we have increased the number of winners from five last year to ten this year. This gives us more flexibility to reward quality scaleups in what we expect to be a crowded field of highly qualified competitors.

The second notable difference is that the Final Event pitch competition will be held in conjunction with the EIT Grow Digital annual conference. This means that when finalists come to Brussels to pitch they will be part of an even bigger event, with more exposure, more publicity, and more chances to make important connections.

How will EIT’s pan-European network help the winning scaleups? Also, what are the highlights of the international growth support worth €50,000?

First and foremost, the winning scaleups will be invited to join the EIT Digital Accelerator without having to pay the €50,000 admission fee. This gets them access to a whole year of fundraising and market expansion support. In particular, our fundraising specialists will work hand in hand with the scaleup founders to prepare for calls with investors.

VCs are going to ask a ton of tough questions, so we are there to make sure you know what to expect. Once the scaleups are ready, our team will reach out to their network of 1000+ investors across Europe. They will facilitate introductions and set up investor calls, helping our scaleups land the perfect strategic investors.

What can the Challenge finalists expect from the Pitch Competition scheduled in June?

The Challenge Final Event is always a really exciting day. The scaleup finalists will be invited to Brussels, with travel expenses covered by EIT Digital. In addition to the typically intense pitch competition, there are plenty of chances to network with the VCs and Corporates in attendance.

Likewise, there will be a VIP dinner afterward, open only for finalists and investors. This is yet another chance to pitch your business and solicit investor feedback but in a more laid-back setting.

Finally, since the event is happening concurrently with the Grow Digital conference. We will announce the winners on the main stage at the end of the day. So, that is a huge opportunity for some well-deserved publicity.

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