Rotolight on-camera lights are app-controlled and super bright

Rotolight on-camera lights are app-controlled and super bright

(Pocket-lint) – Rotolight launched a Kickstarter campaign on October 12th 2021, and managed to smash it’s target in just over 30 minutes. Continuing to break the $350,000 mark in the first seven days and becoming what it claims to be the most backed LED lighting product in Kickstarter history. So, what is it people are so excited about?

Rotolight is a British company that specialises in LED lighting products for photographers and filmmakers, typically it makes very large and very expensive lighting for studios and film sets. Rotolight says the Neo 3 is the brightest on-camera LED light ever produced and the larger Aeos 2 is the thinnest and lightest 1×1 panel ever made.

Combining this with features like app control, built-in touchscreens and the ability to use as a high-speed RGB flash and it starts to become clear why people are flocking to this campaign. What’s more, the pricing is very reasonable, by professional lighting standards. With the Neo 3 tiers starting at £352 ($479) and the Aeos 2 at £845 ($1154). 

Rotolight is guaranteeing that backers will receive its kits and accessories by March 2022. So, if you need a light that’s good enough to shine on Keira Knightley’s face, you might want to head on over to the Rotolight Kickstarter page before it increases in price after the campaign closes on 16th November 2021.

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Writing by Luke Baker.