Ready to Scale or Build Your Sustainable BevTech Startup with Drink Innovation Campus (DICA)?

Ready to Scale or Build Your Sustainable BevTech Startup with Drink Innovation Campus (DICA)?

DICA accelerates startups by connecting and matching them with the right corporate partners to initiate a B2B co-creation process. The accelerator works with startups from various different backgrounds on topics ranging from digital transformation in logistics supply chains to sustainability and packaging. This year, DICA is also seeking new circular business models for the beverage industry.

As long as your idea positively impacts the beverage industry, there is potential for acceleration and co-creation with DICA and its corporate partners!

Are You Building Innovative DrinkTech Solutions?

DICA is the starting point for startups to accelerate their innovative solutions. The Drink Innovation Campus accelerates startup teams of all stages, from idea-stage innovators to startups into the first years of operation. For the 7th Batch of the program, DICA seeks:

  • Circular Economy Solutions for the Beverage Industry
  • Digital Transformation in Beverage Logistics, Production, or Distribution
  • Sustainability in Beverage Packaging, Materials, and more
  • Solutions Addressing Social Change
  • Innovative Beverages or Unique Beverage Experiences

DICA creates a space for both startups and established companies to experiment and build new partnership models. This bridges the gap between established players and startups, a key element in addressing the industry’s challenges.

How will partnering with DICA impact your business?

Discover how the DICA Acceleration & Co-Creation Program will benefit your business:

  • Pre-matching Workshops that focus on B2B co-creation for selected startups with identifiable B2B co-creation potential.
  • Exclusive Matching Events include the Initial and mutual meetings, as well as the inclusion of the startups in the upcoming DICA Batch 7.
  • Sounding Phase involves finalizing the co-creation potential with the support of an experienced co-creation facilitator.
  • B2B Co-Creation Acceleration is the startup’s development phase of the co-creation process, facilitated by an experienced B2B co-creation facilitator.

DICA accelerates startups of all sizes, from ideation stage startups to those already operating for one year or more.

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Discover DICA’s Role in Scaling Bionade – The First Soft Drinks Manufacturer with a Tracing Feature

Successful stories from six previous batches of the DICA program clearly show that the model of acceleration & co-creation works. Let’s dive deeper into the Bionade Success Story:

Spanning over 8 months, Bionade, Hassia Gruppe, and Connecting FOOD came together to co-create a blockchain solution to deliver on Bionade’s brand promise of providing consumers with data about the organic origin and processing of their ingredients.

In July 2019, DICA facilitated the

  • matching of the French blockchain startup with Bionade
  • identification of potential, including activation of the brand promise of Bionade
  • establishment of direct end-customer relationships

From September 2020 to December 2020, DICA defined the co-creation project by enabling mutual visits to Ostheim and Paris. This helped overcome the differences in French, German & startup cultures as well as national legal systems.

In February 2021, the co-creators presented the first prototype at the largest European agricultural fair, the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris.

By March 2021, Bionade became the first soft drinks manufacturer with a food tracing feature and strong digital channels with the end customer!

Ready to Apply for the DICA Co-Creation & Acceleration Program?

Applications close on 21 April 2022
Selection & Matching Day will take place on 11 May 2022

From understanding consumer behavior and sustainable change, DICA aims to bring efficient and effective transformation across the beverage industry.

Apply for the DICA Acceleration & Co-Creation Program now and bring your sustainable DrinkTech solution to global markets!


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