Meet the Photoshop artist you'd want to be trolled by

Meet the Photoshop artist you'd want to be trolled by

(Pocket-lint) – We all have our flaws and features of our body that we’d love a professional to edit out of our photos. Or maybe the perfect selfie that’s been ruined by a photo-bombing pet or random stranger in the background. A skilled Photoshopper might be able to work some magic to improve these shots, but Photoshop trolls work a different kind of magic.  

One of those trolls is British graphic designer James Fridman. A man famed for his off-beat and literal editing of the photos submitted to his Twitter account and email address. Where many Photoshop trolls would hilariously edit photos without the victim knowing what they’re in for, most people know what Fridman is all about. 


Next time that perfect photo isn’t quite, well perfect, we can pretty much guarantee that James isn’t the man to make it right, but you’ll love the results nonetheless and so will the “victim”. 

Metal band

This hard rock band obviously don’t think their image looks “metal” enough. They want to look like they make heavier music. Now they look like they’re going to see the Wizard of Oz instead. 

Hold onto something

Do you ever feel awkward when posing for photos and aren’t sure what to do with your hands? This guy certainly did and needs help. These probably aren’t the results he wanted. 

Short shorts

This chap isn’t happy with his legs or his choice of “obnoxiously short shorts”.

James is sure his friends would like a show of solidarity to support him. We love the level of detail in this one. If you look closely you’ll see random people in the background have popped their legs out too. 

Bald man’s head

We’re curious as to what’s happening here – with three ladies in a window and a bald man looking on. But they weren’t happy with his shiny head taking up space in their photo.

Problem solved. 

Not all heroes wear capes

This young lad has aspirations of being a real superhero. What he doesn’t know is, not all heroes wear capes.

Some are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. James Fridman demonstrates this perfectly with a brilliant bit of

A little Polish

Ladies love a man who makes an effort. With his new getup, this lad is sure to turn some heads. 

A toothy smile

Showing your teeth in photos can make all the difference. How else will people know you’re happy?

This photo took us a minute as it’s more subtle than the rest, but you’ll soon be grinning when you spot it. 

Stay safe

A tourist in America wanted a photo that was even more authentic. His wish was James Fridman’s command. Safety first.

Tanks for all the fish

This young chap wanted a new haircut but got much more than he bargained for.

Something smells fishy with this one. 

Caught a fish

Fishing is never easy. We often find chopsticks a bit fiddly too.

A combination of the two seems to have resulted in a pretty special catch though. 

Close her eyes

This chap was hoping James could help him being the romance back to his photo that his girlfriend is ruining by not closing her eyes while they kiss.

He’s certainly given them a helping hand. 

Erase the ass

Nothing worse than having your tourist photos ruined by a rude person lurking in the frame.

James was only happy to erase the problem from this image. 

Bit less tired

Siblings are the worst – constantly ruining selfies the world over.

This girl’s brother clearly hasn’t had his morning coffee. A quick email to James and the problem is sorted. Now they’re jamming out on their daily commute. 

Looking cool

Looking cool isn’t easy, especially when it’s hot outside.

We assume this chap has just passed his driving test and he’s happy about it. But the addition of the fan adds an air of mystery to the photo and has the added benefit of keeping him cool too. 


Unsightly body hair is the bane of this photo. Certainly not something we’d expect Sesame Street’s Ernie could solve, but we’re always pleasantly surprised with what that crazy cat gets up to.

This photo editing shows James Fridman’s skills as he’s not only moved the boyfriend’s arm, but has reinserted the world back into the frame too. 

Make you stronger

One thing we really like about James Fridman’s work is he’s always happy to remind people that they’re awesome.

This is one classic example of how the Photoshop master sends a powerful message to his fans without the use of a single photo edit. Bullies should never win. 

A youthful look

James Fridman isn’t just a whizz with Photoshop, he’s also a master of the time-space continuum and can transform photos by taking the years off the subject. The results are incredible. 

Less round

We’ve all got different hang-ups about our body. This woman seems to think her face is a bit too round. We’re sure she’s probably happy her head isn’t this shape though. 

Holding hands

Awkward photos are this Photoshop trolls speciality – these two friends might look like they’re holding hands to begin with, but the end result adds a comedy twist no one was expecting. 

Not dabbing

Kids today and their crazy dabbing. This woman has had enough of her friend and his photo-ruining antics.

James is only happy to help with a quick and easy fix that has hilarious results. 

My friend is mad

James is a dab hand at changing the direction people are looking in photos.

We’ve already seen him tweak an eyeball or two, but the addition of a mirror is a brilliant touch. Not the result the person was expecting, but hilarious nonetheless. 

Make my boyfriend rich

This gold-digger got more than she bargained for when she asked James to improve her life or maybe she’s got a thing for Richards that he’s successfully satisfied.

At least everyone will know his name now though. 

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Higher education

This college graduate is likely contemplating the fun-packed future of working life that lays ahead of her, but her family thinks she should just be happy about graduating.

James works his usual magic and a fantastic transformation occurs. 

Photoshop my face

This young lad has a simple dream of a better body without all the hard work of diet and exercise and hopes that James can make all his dreams come true.

Instead, the result of the photo editing is a new lifeform who’s seriously unhappy about his position in the world. 

Out of the picture

Everyone wants there ex-partner out of the picture, but we’re not sure this is exactly the result this young lady was hoping for when she made the request.

The boyfriend certainly looks like he’s having a great time of it though. 

Not proposing

Nothing worse than accidentally getting down on one knee and looking like your proposing when all you meant to do was go for a nice swing. With a masterful tweak, our Photoshop artist manages to make this girl appear incredibly flexible instead. 

Two direction

We’ll admit we’d love to see pop band One Direction inserted into this photo instead, but the results of ensuring these two chaps weren’t looking off at the same space are certainly hilarious anyway.

Dress a little longer

An accidental tumble-drying no doubt resulted in this short dress disaster.

This lady clearly felt like she was showing a bit too much leg and hoped James could work his magic to improve the image. There’s no denying that’s certainly a longer outfit. Far less flesh on display too. 

Something from behind

Not many people want something Photoshopped into their photo, but this lady wanted her image to be jazzed up a bit.

We’re sure she wasn’t disappointed with the results. 

Caution wet floor

Who wants a hazard warning sign ruining their perfectly good photo? Things could certainly be a lot worse if it wasn’t there though. 

Petting the ducks

These ducks are having none of this chap’s shenanigans.

A lovely walk in the park and some light duck petting might have been the intended outcome, but a dip in the water was not. In the mind of our Photoshop troll, the water is surprisingly deep and no doubt a bit fresh too. 

On the bench

A perfectly romantic photo of a couple on a bench, mildly ruined by not being the centre of the attention.

James worked his magic and the image has a whole new spin that we love. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.