Lofi Girl is at the center of a very relaxing mystery

Lofi Girl is at the center of a very relaxing mystery

Since 2017, Jade – aka the face of the Lofi Girl YouTube channel – has been a near-constant companion for fans of quiet, contemplative music. Now, she is missing. At approximately 1PM ET, Jade and her ginger tabby simply disappeared, and not since a false copyright claim took down the YouTube channel for a few days last year has the Lofi Girl fandom been this abuzz.

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In her absence, the stream began to slowly zoom in on a window found on one of the buildings opposite Jade’s home. A blinking blue light produced a morse code that fans found points to www.lofiworld.com. As of the writing of this article, there’s not much to see. Clicking the “Launch” button redirects you to a second Lofi Girl stream that’s playing ambient music. The stream features a clock that’s counting down to April 11th at 1PM ET. Outside of that, there’s not much to go on. The room is bathed in blue light and filled with early aughts memorabilia, including a Gunpla model from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and a Nintendo GameCube. What it all points to, no one knows yet other than an elaborate marketing campaign.

Earlier in the day, Team AMW, the marketing agency that represents the Lofi Girl channel, published a press release promising a “surprise” on April 11th that would take the channel’s “immersive experience to new heights.” As Polygon notes, there’s already official Lofi Girl merch you can buy, so there’s probably something more involved on the horizon. Either way, we’ll find out how this mystery ends tomorrow.

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