Join Exciting Innovation Events, Celebrations & Get Inspired at ViennaUP’22!

Join Exciting Innovation Events, Celebrations & Get Inspired at ViennaUP’22!

ViennaUP is a decentralized, community-driven festival in the heart of Europe, shining a light on what the future of technology holds. Together with several contributing partners, ViennaUP’22 offers a unique interconnected experience for startups, investors, tech enthusiasts, creatives, and visionaries.

ViennaUP is curated by the Vienna Business Agency and brings you a selection of the most exciting events from the ViennaUP community.

Spotlight on Female Founders and Women in Leadership

“At this year’s ViennaUP, a core focus will be on female-led startups and companies. We really can’t afford to miss out on women and their perspectives. That’s why it’s so important for women entrepreneurs to help shape the economy. It’s also good business: Companies that are diverse are more sustainable and more economically successful”, says Gabi Tatzberger, Director of Startup Services at the Vienna Business Agency.

Austria, and especially Vienna, is gaining a reputation as a hub for female startup founders and entrepreneurs. With a strong community and support system that goes beyond mentoring into acquiring funding and scaling businesses, close to 45% of startups founded in 2020 were by women.

Explore the Exciting Themes of ViennaUP’22

From Technology to Beyond

ViennaUP offers new perspectives on the role of technology in both business and cultural dynamics and highlights the transformative spaces of the world around us through various events.

In a variety of settings, the ViennaUP community tackles topics such as smart cities, digital humanism, impact-driven entrepreneurship, creative industries, gender equality, and sustainability.

Meet people from different backgrounds, learn from best practice examples across diverse industries and talk to forward-thinkers about what will matter in the future.

From Now to Future

Decisions made today affect how the future will look and feel. ViennaUP brings together the know-how of specialists from different sectors to discuss the various disruptions to our current way of living and how we can navigate them to the benefit of all.

Across several formats, ViennaUP creates opportunities to connect with incredible speakers from the innovation space and facilitate intimate setups for exchange on relevant future topics.

How do you imagine the world will look 50 years from now? Join the conversation at ViennaUP’22!

From Vienna to Global

ViennaUP is ready for you to experience the unique Viennese experience. With a series of startup- and innovation-related events, ViennaUP bridges the gap between Vienna and the rest of the world.

Be ready for dozens of exciting opportunities and inspiring talks, make authentic connections with participants from across the globe, and experience the charm of Vienna first-hand. Join ViennaUP in the Austrian capital this May!

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Attend Unique Events Hosted by the Vienna Business Agency at ViennaUP’22

Creative Days

How is technology changing culture? With the Creative Days Vienna, the best creative minds from around the world gather for two days of discussions and events. The Vienna Business Agency invites leading curators, researchers, artists, and cultural experts to explore how technology is shaping the future of cultural experiences and sparking new opportunities in the process.

Participants at Creative Days Vienna break new ground in architecture, design, film, gaming, fashion, music, and visual arts. In a variety of talks, experiences, and networking sessions ViennaUP’22 offers space for knowledge transfer, cooperation, and open discussion.

Smart City Summit

At Smart City Summit everything revolves around the question of what we have to do today so that cities remain livable for our grandchildren. The City of Vienna, Wiener Stadtwerke, Wien Holding, Aspern Smart City Research, Climate Lab, and the Vienna Business Agency invite everyone interested in shaping the city of the future to a dialogue.

Solve current challenges collaboratively in co-creation workshops. And with online matchmaking, you make new contacts to develop smart solutions for the city of tomorrow!

FinTechWeek 2022

This year, ViennaUP teamed up with various crucial stakeholders in the FinTech, banking, and legal scene and has prepared a showcase of what’s happening in Austria’s FinTech ecosystem in 2022. That’s FinTechWeek 2022!

If you are wondering what’s new in the world of financial technology, this is the place to be. High-caliber panels, insightful presentations, and absorbing keynotes that range from the future of payments, the real world of crypto, regulatory updates, and developments that touch upon various segments of FinTech, FutureTech, AI, and Digital Assets as well as other topics. See the detailed schedule and sign up quickly – since all the events are free of charge, tickets usually sell out really fast.

Inspiring plenary sessions and targeted 1:1 meetings promise knowledge gain and new business contacts.

After a successful digital event in 2021, ViennaUP’22 will be a mix of onsite and online events. ViennaUP is looking forward to welcoming you on-site in Vienna!

Click here to access all the program information & plan your visit to ViennaUP 2022 today!

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