Iberdrola Seeks Your Innovative & Effective Solutions For Fire Detection in Protected Areas

Iberdrola Seeks Your Innovative & Effective Solutions For Fire Detection in Protected Areas

Iberdrola operates over 1.1 million kilometers of electricity transmission and distribution lines in the United States, Brazil, the UK, and Spain. The network comprises over 4,400 high- to medium-voltage substations and more than 1.5 million medium- to low-voltage distribution transformers – built and operated to provide a high-quality and reliable service to a total of 31 million electricity supply points. Read on to discover the need for the Iberdrola Fire Detection Challenge.

However, the areas where Iberdrola operates are also home to a variety of wildlife and plants which are sometimes subject to official protection, such as biosphere reserves or national parks. For example, in Spain alone, the grid covers 19,314 kilometers of protected land, and there are 144 substations, 8,793 transformers, 31 reservoirs, and 14 wind farms on sites of this type.

About Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub

The Iberdrola Fire Detection in Protected Areas Startup Challenge is launched within the framework of the new Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub. Iberdrola is building a worldwide smart grid benchmark through open collaboration and co-working between i-DE technicians, suppliers, startups, and different organizations from all around the world.

Ready to Support Iberdrola’s Goals of Environmental Preservation in Protected Areas?

Iberdrola’s commitment to environmental protection and conservation in these natural settings is based on the principles established in its Biodiversity Policy, through its environmental management, action plans, and monitoring of restored and compensated habitats following the positive offsetting principle.

In this context, through its PERSEO Startups Program, Iberdrola is looking for:

  • Early-warning solutions that detect fires close to electric lines
  • Solutions that reduce the environmental impact of such fires
  • Solutions that minimize disruption on supply continuity for Iberdrola customers

Iberdrola is also seeking support from environmental bodies with critical information to pinpoint the origin of the fire.

When assessing candidatures, the following technologies, among other possible technology applications, will be positively considered:

  • Spectroscopy
  • Thermal Infrared
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Computer Vision
  • Real-time Satellite Imagery
  • …and more!

Moreover, when a fire is detected, Iberdrola’s Distribution Operations Centre can alert the authorities and firefighters, as well as trigger preventive measures to reduce the impact on customers and disconnect lines in the area to protect the system from further damage.

Discover the Benefits of Joining the Iberdrola Global Startup Challenge

The prize will consist of Iberdrola signing a collaboration and proof of concept agreement with PERSEO and/or with any other relevant Iberdrola group company.

PERSEO and/or the relevant company will:

  • assume the costs of the collaboration and the proof of concept;
  • provide the winner with the necessary technical support to test the solution by giving access to equipment, appliances, infrastructure, high technology sites, and joint work areas; and
  • provide the winner with a real environment and real data to test the solution.

If the proof of concept is satisfactory, PERSEO and/or the relevant company, directly or indirectly through another Iberdrola group company, may offer participants the opportunity to scale their solution through commercial agreements.

Selected proposals will also be included directly in the Global Smart Grids Innovation Hubs registration process as a collaborator able to benefit from the services, activities, and resources that the hub makes available.

What’s more, PERSEO may consider investing in your solution!

Which Criteria Is Iberdrola Considering?

Any solution that addresses the challenge of fire detection in protected areas is welcome to apply! More specifically, Iberdrola is seeking solutions that match the following points:

  • Long-distance fire detection capacity
  • The maturity, reliability, and scalability of the hardware, software, or hybrid solution
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • The possibility of integration into existing surveillance systems
  • Total cost (both initial and recurring)
  • Application in other energy assets such as substations, transformers, and wind farms
  • Positive impact, if any, on Just Transition areas (e.g. Lada and Velilla del Río Carrion)
  • Additional uses of your technology (pruning management support, supervision of safety distances, line parameter measurements, discouraging birds, etc.)

The team of business experts at Iberdrola Networks will be responsible for selecting one or more innovative solutions for the early detection of fires close to electrical lines.

Important Dates for Iberdrola Fire Detection Startup Challenge

Applications are now open!

  • Last date for submitting applications is 13 May 2022
  • Specialists from the Iberdrola Networks group will evaluate your proposals in May 2022
  • The pilot project will begin in the second half of 2022 – more details to follow!

Ready to scale your innovative fire detection solution with Iberdrola & better protect natural habitats? Apply today!


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