Create & Test New Business Opportunities with the Deutsche Telekom 5G Early Access Program for Developers, Startups & Corporates

Create & Test New Business Opportunities with the Deutsche Telekom 5G Early Access Program for Developers, Startups & Corporates

Hubraum is Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator that brings together early-stage startups and leading European telecom companies to spark innovation transfer and create business opportunities for all stakeholders. For the Deutsche Telekom 5G Early Access Program, hubraum invites applications from developers, startups, scaleups, and corporates exploring new business opportunities by understanding how your products can utilize 5G functionalities.

What is the Hubraum 5G Early Access Program?

Hubraum hosts a unique indoor and outdoor testbed in Berlin where developers, startups, and corporates can test Deutsche Telekom’s 5G APIs directly on a fully functional standalone 5G core network. Participants also gain access to application servers directly connected to the network and to Deutsche Telekom’s edge clouds.

Deutsche Telekom’s 5G APIs interact directly with its 5G Radio Access Network (RAN). This facilitates obtaining information from the network, such as location, congestion, and more, or to configure network settings. These APIs, such as 5G Latency API, 5G QoS API, or 5G Throughput API, set the quality of service for a device or IP flow.

Since 2012, hubraum has been collaborating with the digital ecosystem out of its campuses in Berlin, Krakow, and Tel Aviv.

Key Focus Areas for the 5G Early Access Program

Deutsche Telekom is looking for innovators working on broad themes including moving objects, production topics, entertainment projects, and other topics such as security or agriculture, among others. Developers, startups, scaleups, and corporates can validate the impact of Deutsche Telekom’s 5G APIs on their own APIs and apps using the testbed.

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Discover Exciting Benefits of the 5G Early Access Program

Hubraum supports you during the complete lifecycle of the program and provides working space, active mentoring as well as passive communication channels for your questions. There is also room for select participants to become a hubraum resident after the conclusion of the individual test batches. More specifically, your benefits include:

  • Access to unique & unparalleled indoor and outdoor 5G testbed
  • Testing the first Deutsche Telekom 5G APIs in a standalone, fully functional 5G network
  • Configure key functions of 5G networks such as bandwidth and latency
  • Learn how your products work with 5G and gain your competitive advantage

What’s more? Deutsche Telekom will add to its existing 5G APIs throughout the year, including standardized APIs through the CAMARA alliance!

The 5G Early Access Program is the Best Way to Validate Your APIs for 5G Networks

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Important Dates & Structure for the 5G Early Access Program

Applications are currently open! Hubraum will have two more batches of the program in 2022. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to validate your innovative 5G solutions with one of the biggest integrated telecom players in the world!

The program is structured into a three-week virtual onboarding & preparation phase followed by a one-week testing phase where you can validate your APIs on-site at hubraum in Berlin.

Ready to explore new business opportunities with the Deutsche Telekom 5G Early Access Program? Apply now!


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