Calling the Best Developers to Join ZENCON & Take Technological Innovation to the Next Level!

Calling the Best Developers to Join ZENCON & Take Technological Innovation to the Next Level!

ZENCON is calling on everyone connected to the Metaverse to come together and combine strengths to advance technological innovations. There are 200 slots open, and one of them can be YOURS – upgrade your tools and download yourself into the system!

What the Hack is ZENCON?

ZENCON is a Hackathon-format organized by Zeniq taking place in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, between June 3rd and June 8th 2022. The focus in 2022 is on the uprising phenomena of “Coopetition”, which means “cooperation” on the infrastructure layer and “competition” on the application layer. Wait, what?

Nowadays, few providers that are spreading vertically into every industry increasingly dominate the internet. Once a central platform reaches a critical mass, this dominance leads to quasi-monopolistic market situations. Coopetition offers a promising approach to counteract these developments. Sounds all very theoretical to you? Then let’s get specific.

ZENCON invites software developers, coders, hackers, and everyone else in between to answer the questions below together!

  • Which models might arise through a Blockchain-based network as an alternative to digital monopoly?
  • Which innovation networks and services can be developed in the field of mobility, industry, and finance?
  • and many more

The event gives you the chance to explore and expand your talent, ideas, and proficiency, but also the opportunity to exchange experiences, relax on the beach or go for a quick swim if you need a break.

It’s Time to Solve the Technological Challenges of the Future!

Think you can tackle the challenges of the future?

  1. Metaverse: Is your inspiration CryptoKitties, the Sandbox Game, Axie Infinity or Gods Unchained? Yes? This challenge is made for you!
  2. NFTs: Reveal the potential of NFT and tokenization and go beyond owning pictures – create tools using smart contracts!
  3. B2B/B2C: Develop apps for B2B and B2C solutions in the ecosystem. Show us the power of Blockchain for businesses and their customers!
  4. The World of Web – Tools & Infrastructure: Shape the 3rd generation of internet services for apps & websites focused on utilizing a machine-based understanding of data.
  5. Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Build financial blockchain tools allowing anyone with internet access to lend, borrow and bank without going through middlemen.

What You Can Expect

Be the top developer this summer at Zeniq’s first-ever ZENCON, the event driving innovation through the Metaverse. This event is not messing around, from high-level networking to a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico; get ready!

  • Engage with 200 Innovative Developers
  • Benefit from Top Tier Networking
  • Tap into a 100k USDC Prize Pool
  • Opportunity for an Incubation Period
  • Get your Idea Funded
  • Enjoy a Trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

How to Save Your Spot at Playa del Carmen?

So, why hesitate? You won’t want to miss this event. It will be like no other – register now!

Quick Facts:

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