Build or Scale Your 4.0 Solution in Morocco with the Fez Smart Factory Competitions

Build or Scale Your 4.0 Solution in Morocco with the Fez Smart Factory Competitions

The Fez Smart Factory (FSF) Competitions, launched as part of the FSF Ecosystem and led by the EuroMed University of Fes (UEMF), Morocco, is a competition for companies to become part of an all-in-one support zone for innovative activities. This competition is launched to improve industrial productivity and other KPIs or develop new factories for innovative products, by implementing the principles, methods, and technologies of Industry 4.0.

The Fez Smart Factory Competitions Seeks Applicants for Four Ecosystem Components

The Fez Smart Factory Competitions invites applications from innovative companies to join one of the following four components of the FSF Ecosystem:

  • The Fez Smart Factory Accelerator (for startups): A reception area for startups with development projects for intelligent industrial units for high value-added and competitive products.
  • R&D services for Industry 4.0 (for R&D entities): The Fez Smart Factory Competitions aims to select five R&D entities, to be domiciled in the spaces dedicated to R&D services of the FSF ecosystem. A single entity will be selected per industrial sector among those covered by the FSF Ecosystem. (find the list of focus areas below)
  • Engineering services for Industry 4.0 (for engineering companies): The Fez Smart Factory Competitions aims to select ten engineering companies, to be domiciled in the spaces dedicated to the engineering services of the FSF ecosystem. They will be selected on the basis of technology and use cases, ranging from predictive maintenance to optimal energy management and cloud solutions, among others. (find the list of focus areas below)
  • Business Center 4.0 (for SME & Large industrial companies): This component of the FSF Ecosystem offers domiciliation spaces for SME & large companies and industrial units wishing to invest in Morocco in the field of industry 4.0.

Why Should Your Business Establish in Morocco?

The FSF Ecosystem is supported by the Sustainable Industrial Zones Fund (FONZID) following a competitive call for projects launched jointly by the Millennium Challenge Account-Morocco Agency (MCA-Morocco) and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. FONZID is part of the “Industrial Land” activity under the “Compact II” cooperation program, financed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and whose implementation has been entrusted to the MCA-Morocco Agency.

The aim of the ecosystem is to set up a national model for future business initiatives aspiring to join the fourth industrial revolution. It also aims to provide a startup accelerator to develop new factories for innovative products and support existing industrial units to optimize KPIs. Moreover, the region offers several incentives for businesses to establish in Morocco, including:

Pro-Business Policy

  • Morocco is politically & economically stable under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI
  • Strong macroeconomic environment
  • Reliable business partnerships

Competitive Environment

  • Strategic location for investment & trade
  • Investment Charter with significant incentives for foreign investors
  • Close to Tangier Med Port – the first trans-shipment hub in Africa
  • World-class public infrastructure throughout Morocco
  • Dynamic & qualified workforce
  • Home to high-end integrated industrial platforms

Sustainability Leader

  • 37% electric energy supplied from renewables
  • Aim to reach 52% from wind, solar & hydro by 2030
  • 4 GW & USD 6 billion in investments

How Will Your Business Benefit from the Fez Smart Factory Competitions?

Fez Smart Factory Competitions is open to any innovative company or startup, Moroccan or foreign, with an eligible project to develop a new innovative industrial unit for high-value-added and competitive product(s). Successful candidates receive the following benefits:

  • Access to experts, investors, donors, and manufacturers from Morocco
  • Access to the rapid prototyping center shared with the UEMF
  • Industrial property and development services
  • Office Space & Services
  • Social Support Services
  • Access to services of the Pilot Model Factory 4.0
  • Access to various labs and technological services available at UEMF
  • Help identify the transformation needs of existing industries with support from the CGEM (General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises)

Rapid Prototyping Platform at UEMF

Smart Manufacturing Platform at UEMF

Digital & AI Platform at UEMF

Biotechnology platform at UEMF

Key Focus Areas for the Fez Smart Factory Competitions

This competition focuses on the below-listed industries using concepts and technologies of industry 4.0, applicable for startups, industrial units, and large and SMEs companies, or developing new Industry 4.0 solutions and technologies, applicable for engineering companies and R&D entities.

Industrial Sectors of Interest for the Fez Smart Factory Competitions

  • Food
  • Chemical and Para-Chemical
  • Biomedical and Pharmaceutical
  • Metal, Metallurgical, and Electromechanical
  • Renewable Energy
  • Textile and Leather
  • Digital Tech

Technologies of Interest for Engineering companies applying for the Fez Smart Factory Competitions

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Optimal Energy Management
  • Industrial Supply Chain Management
  • IoT and Sensors
  • Connectivity and Cloud
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Industrial Automation (Robotics & Cobotics)
  • Mechanical Manufacturing Processes
  • Chemical and/or Biological Transformation Processes
  • Data Analytics and AI

Each Engineering company specializing in one technology will use it to develop use cases for all industrial sectors covered by Fez Smart Factory Ecosystem.

Make sure to apply by the 16th of April 2023.

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