Boost Your Late-Stage Startup Through The OTP Bank Startup Booster Program!

Boost Your Late-Stage Startup Through The OTP Bank Startup Booster Program!

OTP Bank is one of the largest financial providers in Central and Eastern Europe, operating in 11 countries and with over 19 million clients. Innovation is one of the bank’s strategic pillars where novel initiatives such as the OTP Startup Booster Program are supported by its innovation hub, OTP LAB. OTP LAB brings together industry and vertical experts, startups, scaleups, and businesses to develop the banking products and services of the future.

Coordinated by OTP LAB, Booster Program supports and collaborates with later-stage startups and scaleups globally to implement product and operational innovations at the Group’s Hungarian headquarters and across its network of foreign subsidiary banks. In 2022, the partnership program aims to conduct business-focused pilots across the entire banking group covering 11countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

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OTP Bank Invites Late-Stage Startups & Scaleups from Multiple Industries to Apply

The OTP Startup Booster Program program is a unique acceleration track for innovative companies that are looking to test the applicability of their technologies and services in the Central and Eastern European banking sector.

Applications for Booster can be submitted by later-stage startups and scaleups from any location until 11 April 2022. OTP especially encourages women-led companies and startups with gender-diverse founding teams to apply. For this edition of the program, OTP Bank is looking for innovations in the following categories:

  • Beyond Banking
    • Innovative PropTech solutions for home buyer/sellers and homeowners
    • Scoring as a Service that enables the bank to provide scoring services to non-banking third parties
    • Solutions to measure the carbon footprint of SME clients
    • Precision farming solutions (e.g. multispectral or satellite images, yield estimation, etc.)
    • Advanced retail marketplace functionalities
    • & many more
  • Customer Experience & Customer Servicing
    • Solutions for gamified debt collection
    • Churn prediction and retention tool
    • Voice search optimization/voice advertisement
    • Integrated, multi-platform analysis with advanced behavior analytics
    • Robocall/Robo collector solutions for soft debt collection
    • & many more
  • Internal Efficiency
    • Advanced OCR/NLU solutions handling non-structured documents
    • Self-service digital business travel management
    • Gamified learning and development platform for employees
    • Employee wellbeing enhancing solutions with gamification (e.g. supporting stress reduction, regular sports activities, quitting unhealthy habits)
    • Fraud prevention tools
    • & many more
  • Product Innovations in Retail Banking
    • IBAN verification during SEPA transactions
    • Gamified investment solutions
    • Innovative savings solutions – goal-based savings, micro-savings, etc.
    • Client engagement, loyalty, reward, and retention platform
    • & many more
  • Product Innovations in SME & Corporate Banking
    • Data enrichment in order to enhance the risk assessment and scoring of corporate customers
    • Corporate financial management platform utilizing open banking capabilities
    • Financial analysis application for SME and corporate clients with functions like financial indicators education, peer analysis, credit risk rating
    • & many more

To explore all subtopics, visit OTP Bank’s website.

Join for Business-Focused Piloting Opportunities with OTP Bank

For post-product or -market fit startups and scaleups from all over the world, OTP Bank offers the opportunity to build goal-oriented, business-focused, and mutually beneficial partnerships – at no cost and zero equity. All benefits of the OTP Startup Booster Program include:

  • Results-oriented pilots based on real business needs from the OTP Group
  • Dedicated support from piloting to live collaboration incl. connections and resources
  • Business development acceleration & potential customer base of up to 19+ million customers in the CEE region
  • Customized mentorship from dedicated mentors and key decision-makers
  • Investor relations & international networking with PortfoLion, OTP’s VC and PE arm as well as other VCs and angel investors
  • All at no cost, no equity

OTP Bank will validate the best submissions in a 3-month pilot focused on collaboration with OTP Group’s business units from its subsidiaries. When the pilot project is successful, OTP Bank fosters the launch and live adoption of the tested solution over a 6-month rollout.

The leader of OTP Bank’s Innovation department (OTP LAB), András Fischer adds: “I am proud that the OTP Startup Booster Program is mobilizing the entire Group, including foreign subsidiary banks, to support the dissemination of innovative financial solutions across the region. It is particularly gratifying that we are seeing more applicants and more excellent collaborations with our startup partners every year”

To boost your business & shape the future of the banking industry, apply for the OTP Startup Booster Program today!


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