Attend AD Stretch’s Connected Futures Demo Day for Unmatched Networking Opportunities

Attend AD Stretch’s Connected Futures Demo Day for Unmatched Networking Opportunities

AD Stretch is a pilot-based accelerator program for startups with proven sales and go-to-market experience, the ability to innovate, and the vitality to engage with Fortune 500 company Avery Dennison. The accelerator unites the financial, R&D, and vast technical resources of Avery Dennison with startups to create impactful solutions. Launched in 2022, the accelerator program was conceived as a platform to collaborate with startups, tackling the most significant business challenges with innovative and sustainable solutions at lightning-fast speed.

After six months of dedicated effort, the AD Stretch Cohort 2 Startups and Pilot Champions have achieved significant milestones, marking an impressive journey. It is now time to present their progress at the upcoming AD Stretch Demo Day, themed Connected Futures.

Attend the AD Stretch Connected Futures Demo Day in Amsterdam

The Demo Day is all about collaboration, forging connections, building relationships, and contributing to creating a sustainable tomorrow. By actively engaging with diverse partners in the ecosystem, the event will break down traditional boundaries and seek solutions that drive growth and generate meaningful impact. During the Demo Day, AD Stretch will showcase its advancements, and invite guests to envision the future where connections transform businesses.

  • Date: March 13th 2024
  • Time: 15:00 – 18:30 CET
  • Venue: Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo

There will also be a panel discussion on “Innovation Shaping the Future Packaging Landscape”. This is a dynamic panel on corporate innovation’s role in generating growth opportunities and reshaping packaging. Learn why collaboration among innovation players is key for a connected and sustainable future. Join in on this concise yet insightful discussion between AD Leaders, VCs, and Brand Owners on navigating the evolving packaging landscape through sustainability, innovative strategies, and strategic partnerships.

Learn more about the exciting startups presenting at the Connected Futures Demo Day

The AD Stretch accelerator program has grown from launch mode to a thriving program that fielded over 800 applications from over 35 countries and created pilot programs for 14 startup businesses in just two years. Discover the exciting startups presenting at this year’s Demo Day in Amsterdam:

  • BeFC: uses paper and enzymes to revolutionize microelectronics power with eco-friendly electricity. This medically-focused pilot is also testing recyclability and compostability to enable sustainable approaches.
  • moree: enables the shift away from single-use packaging for food brands. Its innovative reusable packaging system focuses on testing the efficiency of reusable bread bags using RFID tracking labels.
  • Peafowl Plasmonics: creates the first direct plasmonic light harvesting cell. It uses transparent photovoltaic cells that generate electricity in low light conditions through resonance-based light absorption.
  • Puro Renewables: develops carbon-negative solutions by utilizing biowaste to minimize dependence on fossil-fuel resins. It also reduces the carbon footprint of plastic products using films and adhesives.
  • Stemly: advancing decision intelligence, Stemly provides a software platform that utilizes data science to automate state-of-the-art forecasting, optimize solutions, and predict product demand levels across the main supply chain.

These startups are pushing the boundaries of innovation, showcasing groundbreaking pilots to address pressing global challenges.

Attend the Demo Day to connect with these startups as well as:

  • More startup founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators
  • Startup Ecosystems (Associations, VCs & Press/Media)
  • Customers, Brand Owners & Key Industry Partners
  • Avery Dennison employees

Agenda of the AD Stretch Connected Futures Demo Day

  • 15:00–15:20: Registration
  • 15:20–15:25: Welcome Remarks by Shruti George, VP of Global Strategic Innovation Platforms
  • 15:25–16:05: “Innovation Shaping the Future Packaging Landscape” Panel Moderated by Upma Arora, Global Innovation Program Lead
  • 16:05–16:10: AD Stretch Overview by Lemuel Lim, Venture Associate
  • 16:10–16:55: Startup Pilot Presentations
  • 16:55–17:05: Closing Remarks by Steve Flannery, VP & GM, Materials Group, EMENA
  • 17:05–18:30: Cocktail Reception & Networking

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